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Summer Inspiration

Summer Inspiration

If you could name one quick image that reminds you of summer, what would it be? I’m sure that swimming pools, beaches, fruity drinks, barbecues, and suntan lotion would hit the list. However, one of the images that I see in my mind, are sunflowers!


The tall majestic sunflowers (in so many pictures on social media and newspapers this year), truly represent summer to me. They remind me of growing up on the farm, working in the garden, and just being around nature’s beauty in vivid color. When thinking about this subject, I quickly “googled” the flower to learn more about what actually attracts me (like the bees that surround them so often). I learned that the sunflower is actually a native North American plant. It was “born” in North American, and then taken overseas for cultivating and development. Eventually it was brought back as the plant you see today.

The massive size of sunflowers is mind-boggling for me. Some of the sunflowers (mainly in crops) have the gigantic heads for seed harvesting. The dark brown centers are “crammed” with the thousands of seeds. The bright yellow petals that line the perimeter of the seed center are designed to attract the bees for pollination.


The seeds of the sunflower are chalked full of nutrients. Sunflower seeds contain 76% of the recommended daily requirements for vitamin E. And you know how I am about my vitamins!

Did you know that sunflowers move all day long? They tilt their head to follow the sun. Isn’t that an interesting concept? If I spent this summer tilting my head toward the “Son” (Jesus), how would my summer turn out? Would I be stretched out of my comfort zone toward the sky? Would I become bright and beautiful to attract others (for Him)? Would I just become a picture of a great summer?


Walt Whitman wrote “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.“ Please take a moment to lean toward the sunshine (and Son) and have a beautiful summer (or what’s left of it)!

Daily Vitamin C: Become majestic!

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