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Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here!

Today has simply been a gorgeous day in Kentucky!  Kentucky is my home, and here in the Bluegrass we rejoice when Spring finally arrives.  The birds are singing, the trees are in bloom, and the temperature is “just right.”  (This sounds like the beginning of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, but I digress).  Spring has finally made its arrival in a spectacular way!  But this year I don’t want to take this short season for granted.  I want to take the time to study the lessons of nature and learn from God’s “painting.”

I believe there are four lessons to soak in (besides the sunshine)……

First spring is a time of experiential growth.  It’s the time where seeds and bulbs start to peek out of the ground and buds start to bloom.  (Sorry to all those with Kentucky allergies!)  The world is in action.  Nature is growing.  This is now a chance to analyze how I can grow personally.  What plans do I need to put into action?  What “go” button do I need to press?  Nature is in action and I should be too!

The second lesson is nature is getting adjusted to the surroundings.  The baby birds are learning how to fly and the leaves are learning to grow toward the sunshine.  This is the time of learning and continuing until success.  The things of nature are not cowering back or succoming to fear.  Action is taken and lessons are learned along the way.  This is a time for us to forgive ourselves if we stumble.  It’s a time of learning and taking action despite fear.


Nature’s third lesson is being grounded in gratitude.  The flowers and trees are grateful for the sunshine and Spring rains to grow.  The animals are grateful for the weather in order to explore and to have a time of discovery.  I am just grateful for the warmer weather and the opportunity to put away the heavy parkas.  This is a time just to be grateful that we survived the winter and we have been given an opportunity start anew.  Spring has been given to us as a gift.  Be thankful!

The fourth and last lesson (of the millions that this season gives us) is Spring is a time to rejoice in the colors of life!  Nature is gracing us with so many beautiful colors.  From the yellows, to pinks, to greens, the painting is developing before our eyes.  Rejoice!  Embrace the colors of this world. Embrace the differences and variety on display.  God has given us a beautiful gift, wrapped in wonderful packaging, and He has called it Spring!  Get out and enjoy it!

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