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Shine On!

Shine On!

Have you ever met someone who has experienced such unbearable pain in his or her life – that you cannot imagine or even comprehend? It’s amazing what we can live through with determination and hope. It’s also amazing that the bad can be used for good. To help shine light where there is darkness. To teach others to live with happiness in their hearts. My friend Kylie has a world of insight to share with others. Get prepared to be enlightened.


Kylie’s year did not start off like most. She had the devastating event of discovering the body of her love (her boyfriend). He was addicted to drugs and during a depressive state, (coming down of the high), he completed suicide. He was not discovered for a couple of days until his friend (and love) Kylie came looking for him. She sensed something was wrong and found her worst nightmare.

So Kylie was surprised when I wanted to talk to her about happiness. What could she provide? My reasoning is that from an outsider perspective, she has been to the depths of darkness and has risen to light up the world. Even though I am sure there have been dark trying days, I have seen her with smiles, laughter, and joy! Kylie is my dog’s groomer (and probably the love of his life). He has always wanted to be around her (and they sense that kind of stuff). Kylie is full of love. She loves to make her dogs (clients) feel special, as well as their owners. You feel like the best pet owner in the world when you see her. She is encouraging, loving, and full (deep down) with joy.

What does happiness mean to Kylie? She says happiness usually takes a long time to develop. It’s feeling complete with unconditional love. (Dog is man’s best friend). Happiness is also having a purpose for others. To help others.

What makes Kylie happy? Having a good day at work. She gets to spend the day loving on living things. She says seeing certain dog names on the schedule cheers her up for the day! (I’m hoping that Linus, my dog, is one of them).

What makes Kylie unique? She has aimg_4991n excellent memory. She says that unfortunately she is loud and blunt. (If she only knew that some of us respect both those qualities, especially those of us that have to work at both).

Kylie is also passionate. Passionate for her dogs and for her life. She is already a success and has only just started. With her passion, she can go anywhere and do anything.

What one thing would Kylie teach us? (If there is just one). Don’t walk away from someone/something that you know in your gut that you shouldn’t. Kylie was working with her boyfriend to get him help. And she even had stopped him from completing suicide once before. She knew the signs. She even sensed something was wrong. She wishes she could have helped just one more time.

Kylie’s heart is unbelievable. She wanted to help save a person from darkness. She wanted to share light with her love. Now she shares that light with others (and with her four-legged friends). Kylie has herself been clean for five years – and I can say that she is such an inspiration and light in this world. Shine on Kylie! I am so honored to know you. You inspire us all to be brighten this world!

Daily Vitamin C: Be a light in the time of darkness!

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