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Do You Love Hydrangeas?

Do You Love Hydrangeas?

Each fall, even though I’m not sure if it is proper horticulture etiquette or not, I trim back my hydrangeas.  In the back yard, (in the postage stamp size back yard), there is a concrete slab (aka partial basketball court) lined with beautiful hydrangea bushes.  The hydrangeas are the Limelight (light green, almost white) variety.  This year they have bloomed like I was fertilizing and watering them.  And I did neither.  The only activity I completed towards them was delightfully viewing them.  They grew so magnificently in color and size.  This year, I decided I wanted to preserve the blooms a little longer (through some simple creativity).  Do you love hydrangeas as much as I do?


How to:

When the blooms turn from the beautiful light green to the shades of tans and browns is when I usually trim the bushes back for winter.  Instead of haphazardly piling the branches up for disposal, this year I carefully trimmed the branches so they could be used for creating wreaths.  With the simple tools of scissors, masking tape, and some sealant spray, I was able to take the “garbage” and turn it into my front door decoration.  (I was so happy with it, I even made one for the my back door).  And over the last few weeks of drying time, they have just become even more beautiful (if that’s possible).  The petals have turned into a rustic brown color (perfect for fall).  Who would have thought something so simple could turn into a beautiful decoration for this time of year?

Hydrangeas tools

Hydrangeas Drying

Next year I hope to make even more wreaths to share with friends and family.  Turning the simple gifts of nature into something preserved and also shared with others will delight me as much as my “hard work” of just viewing them in the back yard!

Hydrangeas Back Door

Daily Vitamin C:  Turn trash into treasure this fall.



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