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Daily Vitamin C

About DVC:

My name is Chiara (nickname “C”) and I am the person behind Daily Vitamin C. I am a mother, business professional, creative spirit and a continual learner of how to live life!

In my early 20’s, I became depressed, suicidal, and simply overwhelmed. Since that time (now way over 20 years ago), I have been obsessed with learning how people live “happy” lives and knowing the secrets to living life better than yesterday. I have continually immersed myself in learning from those placed on my path.

Through DVC, I strive to help ordinary people realize that they are extraordinary. I see the potential in people, their hearts, and their compassion for others and for life. God provides the words and insight. I just relay the message.

By interviewing people in my daily life, I am able to bring up the topics that relate to living a happier and healthier lifestyle. My goal is to initiate the questions in order to learn the lessons this life truly has for us. I want each one of us to realize that we are more than just “average” or what I often hear….”nothing special.”  We each have a story and also something to learn in this life.

We all just need a little extra dose of Daily Vitamin C!

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