Month: November 2016

Happy Life Through Service

Happy Life Through Service

Now I have been delaying writing this interview – I think for a couple of reasons. The friend I interviewed was someone I met and adored in college, and I admit, I have not maintained the best of jobs keeping in touch. Even though I was beside myself in joy getting the opportunity to interview him, the first reason for delay was his now beautiful and talented wife is a published author. (She’s an author and I am an author wannabe – so talk about pressure!) The second reason is because the overall theme of the interview made me question my own drive in life.  It paralyzed me. I believe God does this to stop me in my tracks and force me take inventory of where I am.  I knew the subject that we talked about was so important and somehow, someway I needed to grow from it. Big enough, that now I ask you to please take the time to learn from my friend Ron.


What does happiness mean? Per Ron, happiness is very abstract and can be viewed in various ways. Ron is a happy guy – always has been. (The opposite of me for I am the one who is often on an emotional rollercoaster). But Ron knows that scripture says that God has a plan of happiness for us. The plan is demonstrated through the blueprint of Jesus Christ coming to the earth to show us how to live. The instructions are right there – we just have to follow them (and not the type of instructions that came with your appliances written in a different language that you just ignore!)

Happiness for Ron is living a less stressful life. Ron has a couple of businesses and deals daily with various clientele. He would rather forgo sales than deal with people that shower stress on others. Ron knows that the stress is something that he does not want around him, to in turn, spread to others like a virus.

What makes Ron happy is his wife and kids. He has an absolutely beautiful family. They are his world.


Now Ron’s “happy place” is time in music. (This is actually where we met in college in the School of Music). Just playing the piano and singing – he could lose himself in it for hours. For those of us that have that creative (and musical) spirit, we know what it feels like. We are transported somewhere else and the destination has no stress, no worry, and only peace and thankfulness. To some, it may be called heaven.

What makes my friend unique? Ron is self aware of what is truly important in life – he has found the secret. Life is about service.

And this is the one lesson that Ron would teach us. Not serving is not existing. (I think these are the actual words that stopped me in my tracks. Please read them again.) Not serving is not existing.

Am I?

Ron continually serves others. He serves his wife, his kids, his friends, his neighbors, and everyone he meets. He says you will find happiness if you live life as a servant. God calls us to love Him and to love our neighbors (which is anyone around us).

If you don’t like someone, learn to love him or her through service. Immediately jump into a service role for them. Learn how to serve. Learn what they need. Learn about them. Follow the example that Jesus gave us. Be in the world, but not of the world. Take a different path of service than today’s world follows.   Instead of hate, find love. Instead of dislike, serve. Instead of being disgruntled, find happiness.

Daily Vitamin C: Live a happy life through service.