Month: September 2016

Love the World In Balance

Love the World In Balance

I got the opportunity to do my first car-ride interview! You learn quite a bit about a person when you ask questions and she can’t escape! But seriously, there was nothing I would have rather been doing than learning about my friend. Cindy is her name and she’s truly a joy to be around.

So what does the word happiness mean to Cindy? It means what she is – “joy”. It is a state of mind. People and places can affect your joy and it can actually change over time and with circumstances. Cindy and her husband are “empty nesters” (too young to be, but so be it)! She finds happiness in reconnecting with her love (her husband). Even though she has immense happiness when she is with her whole family (I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder – just kidding), the reconnecting with her husband is a new type of happiness – a new discovery.


What makes Cindy happy, other than her beautiful family?  She says “working on herself.” This may seem selfish, she says, but now she has time to concentrate on herself and be the best “Cindy” she can be. I personally don’t see this as selfish. I see it more like “putting on the oxygen mask first” in order to help others (like instructed on a plane). Cindy is discovering herself and new happiness. I know this will only help herself, her family, and those lucky enough to be around her.

Cindy loves fitness. She attended Gorgo camp with me (a fitness camp for women) and she even is the one who got me interested in Zumba. (Cindy taught the class and she had the patience to put up with the one person with two left feet and no coordination (me)). She brought me happiness. She showed me how to have fun and be able to laugh at myself instead of shying away from something new.

Cindy also loves setting goals for herself and going after them. Goals for self-improvement. Goals for growing. She recently even started a career with LuLuRoe and loves striving to succeed and learn. She’s always setting the bar high for an even better “Cindy.” She is truly a pursuer of happiness.

What makes Cindy unique? (Other than never staying the same and always improving). Cindy says her personality makes her unique. She’s kind, caring, and a people pleaser. (I can vouch for this). But, she also says she’s OCD on doing things a certain way – for she’s a “perfectionist.” Cindy is an overachiever and perfectionist, yet is the one who is always late. Unique combination – but it works! And Cindy has one of the most caring hearts that I know. She cries at the drop of a hat. Not for the attention, but because she is truly just that tender hearted. She loves to love!


What one thing would Cindy teach the world? She would teach the lesson that she has learned from one of her personal downfalls. Cindy has a gullible side, but has learned over time to be wiser in the world. She always wants to see the good in others, but she has had to learn that not everyone has the same mindset. She’s learned to “thicken up” in order to avoid getting her feelings hurt.

Cindy still maintains hope and love for others. She wants to teach us to keep our qualities of compassion in this world, yet be wise (with our own convictions). Don’t fall into the temptations of this world. Avoid falling into the traps, peer pressure and circumstances of the world. Stick to your principles and be mindful of your environment – but never ever lose your compassion and your heart for others.


Daily Vitamin C: Find balance in this world to love.