Month: July 2016

Drinking Up Life!

I am one of those people that must review and reflect before commenting. And I have had much to review.

Based on my experience, we are happiest when we have a good cocktail of learning and gratitude, and I have been enjoying a three-week refreshing drink of it!  There are so many comments to make and people to thank, but I will describe just enough to start to ‘wet the whistle’ of this cocktail I have been enjoying.




A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to go to Dallas for Advocare’s Success School. Advocare is a health and wellness company based in Texas. This school was completely out of the element, but oh what an opportunity! It was days of learning and discovery about health and living a full life. Days of thankfulness and possibilities! Thank you so much for this opportunity Nick and Jessica Arlinghaus!


IMG_4549This last weekend I got the opportunity to attend my 2nd Gorgo Camp. Gorgo camp is a “women empowering women fitness camp.” (I know this is not the official way to describe it, but this I how I describe it.)  Thank you Valerie Solomon and Erica Willick (along with others) for starting this amazing camp.  Again, I was totally out of my element. There is something captivating and uplifting about being around strong, healthy, and caring women. Now I was probably one of the oldest women there, if not the oldest, but this year I was stronger. I hadn’t noticed my gains over the year, until I got to Gorgo camp.



Thank you Amy Evert for continuing to believe in me and push me on a weekly basis. And thank you again Jessica for introducing me to Advocare, so my body can be pushed and recover quickly. I learned so much from camp (fitness and nutrition), made some new friends and became even more inspired by old ones. And I even got to see my hero (Emily Kund).

Finally this week I got the blessing to a have a conversation with Phillip Duncan. Phillip and his wife, Mary Alice, are diamond leaders in Advocare. They are people who you instantly admire, simply for their personalities and God-filled hearts. Phillip took the time to ask questions of me and “probe” my thinking and my heart. This was just simply one more outstanding teaching moment for which I am totally grateful.

So as you can see I have been drinking the last three weeks up! Life has been teaching me, stretching me, and allowing me the opportunity to grow and I am overwhelmingly grateful. Thank you to all that have been with me during this time of growth. I pray that we can continue to grow together and reach new “PR’s” (personal records) in our health, our thinking, and in our potential.


Daily Vitamin C: Find your cocktail of learning and gratitude.

Today – Question!

Why do I always take TODAY for granted?

It’s the weekend, and I’m dreading having to go to work and start the hamster wheel all over again. Even looking at the beautiful summer day, I’m not sitting in “awe”; I’m sitting in disgust that I can’t enjoy it. How come we all do this? We tell ourselves not to take our time for granted, but we do. Why is this? Don’t we have freedom of choice? Don’t we have the same number of minutes today as that of yesterday?

I wish I had the magic answer to stopping time and allowing us to enjoy every minute.  If only we could control the minutes and put them in our pocket. But maybe that’s exactly what we are supposed to do. We can’t capture all the minutes, but maybe just capture bits and pieces and stick them in our pocket (like being on a scavenger hunt for our mind). Like a little child finding “treasures” in rocks and twigs and bugs.


Maybe we catch the moment, say thank you to God, and try to take a snapshot in our mind. To cement it a little more, we simply ask the question, what can I learn from this one small minute in time?

Let’s take the time to catch at least one moment today and put it in our pocket (to add to our lifetime of memories).



Daily Vitamin C: Catch a moment! Thank you God!

Be A Cheerleader!

The other day, someone thanked me for being a cheerleader! Me, the one uncoordinated, non-“rah rah”, non-dance team person out there! But actually, this is the best compliment anyone could ever give me. My one true goal is to be a cheerleader for others – especially for those around me who inspire!

It’s so easy for me to sing the praises of those who go after their goals and press forward while everyone else is watching (or even when no one is watching). I just love knowing that my praises in some very small way help the person.

It’s so much like a small gift with a sparkly bow that I can give at anytime, anywhere, and any day. (But in reality it is more of a gift in which I receive!)


I am so thankful for the gift that others give of inspiration, friendship and encouragement! My “cheerleading” is just a small way “to pay” for what they have given.

Daily Vitamin C: Encourage others. Support others. Cheer for others!