Month: May 2016

Strength – Role Model and Friend

hex dumbell in gym

Oh how I want to grow up to be like this woman! She is She-Ra, Skinny Minnie, my workout partner and my friend. Our trainer paired us together and she quickly became one of my favorite people in life. She is an inspiration and is able to encourage me each and every time in the gym (to be as strong as her). This incredible She-Ra is Rachel.

What does the word happiness mean to Rachel? To be content where you are. Stuff doesn’t matter. Your walk with God does. Happiness is enjoyed with family and friends in living for today. Workout today. Love today. Live today.

What makes Rachel happy? (Other than lifting more than me….just kidding). Her family and taking care of others makes Rachel happy. She loves having the time to invest in others. It’s a juggle, but she takes time for her family and friends. Just like our trainer, she yearns to live with simplicity and not to get caught up in the world’s desires. Even though I don’t like snow, she confided in me that she enjoyed being snowed in with this winter’s snowpocolypse. It gave her and her family time to slow down and take time to enjoy each other. (Ok, there might be one good thing that comes from the snow!)


What makes Rachel unique? (Other than she can lift a bus. I might be exaggerating….maybe a small midsize sedan). Rachel loves to take care of other people. She loves to reach out to others in need. As long as everyone has what they need – she is fulfilled. Rachel gets rejuvenated just by helping others. For example, she and her husband bought a lunch for a homeless person, and just helping out in that little way warmed her heart. To me, she is more than physically strong, she works as the strong giving hands of God.

What would Rachel teach me (other than her beautiful ability to front squat)? To not get caught up in the plans you have, for they might not be God’s plans for you….and be ok with that. God has the plan ready and prepared for you.

Rachel showed me her screen saver on her phone to demonstrate further what she would teach me….



Pray and give it to God for worry is useless. Enjoy the ride.


Daily Vitamin C: Lifting weights with Rachel is more than pumping iron, it’s realizing the strength and plans provided by God. Find your Rachel.



Don’t Give Up The Dream



Dear Son,

I almost gave up on your dreams for you today. I didn’t feel well and of course when you don’t feel up to snuff, the dreams and extra “icing on top” of life seem impossible.  I was just in “survival” mode.  I have to admit that it is the most painful among all pains to see you excluded from your dreams.  (Play time on the court).

The coaches I am sure have their own agenda, but I wish they would understand what they are doing to you in the meantime. To not put you in the game while being up 20 points is hard to make sense of. Are they building up the endurance of their starters?  Did they forget there are other players on the bench?  Did you spit on one of them?  (Just kidding, but it’s still worth asking)…..

Even if you were in for a minute and turned the ball over a couple of times, you would not be able to hurt the team or the score….but you need the repetition. Practice makes perfect or at least progress.  I wish they would so give it to you.

I also know that you are scared. Every second you are in the game you want to be special (since those minutes are so far and few between). Please just play. Learn from the mistakes and go on. You are a great player, and I am not just saying that. But don’t let your head get in the way, like I let mine.  Just play.  Time will be on your side. The talent will be the support. And your passion will get you there.

You have taken the first steps. They are not easy. And maybe the steps will even take longer than we thought at this point. But being “rejected” right now will only make you tougher. You are already the strongest one out there are by playing with the big boys, while managing a medical condition.  You live with so much. Use your strength to your advantage.

And please remind me how tough you are so I don’t give up on your dreams. Remind me not to give up! Especially when it comes to you……

Your biggest fan.

Spring Back Yard

The weather is gorgeous this evening. I started cleaning up the back yard because all the weeds have realized that it is finally spring.  As I was pulling weeds and cleaning up, I realized that my backyard is my private sanctuary.  But why? Do I need a back yard? No. Do I truly cherish my back yard where God grows beautiful plants? Unfortunately, no. I take it for granted. And not only that, I don’t share this beauty and God’s gifts with others. So today, I’m sharing some of the sights from this spring with you.










Also my neighbors (the feathery kind who reside on my porch), have moved out. Many people find these neighbors annoying and a nuscence, but I see it as an opportunity to share my house with God’s creatures (without them destroying it). For some reason every time I see a bird, especially one with a nest, it reminds me of both my grandmothers. They were always enjoying nature and wildlife, and studying the creatures as gifts from God. Truly enjoying their company.


But my company (neighbers) are now gone for now. Hope they have safe travels.

Daily Vitamin C:  Enjoy the sights and life’s flights.




My question today is HOW?  How will all this work be completed? How will this problem be resolved?  How will I find success for my goals?

I’ve tried so hard to concentrate on the word “how”.  I often forget just to ask….for I am too driven on to the next step in order to complete a task.  When did we lose the ability to ask how, when all we did is overuse it as a kid?  Is there a limit in the number of times one is allowed to ask “how”?  I often think that I’ve met my quota after just a couple times during the day.  I have no time to ask “how” or “why”.  The only question I ask is “how quickly”, which I don’t really think is the same.


For some crazy reason while I have concentrated on this word today (amongst the stress of work), I have reminisced about asking “how now brown cow?” as a kid.  Seemed like an appropriate saying at the time since I did grow up on a farm.  All those cute sayings…..”how now brown cow”… “early bird gets the worm”…. “kill two birds with one stone”… “stubborn as a mule”….(all having something to do with farm life), were terms we used every day. What I didn’t realize at the time was that these sayings were indeed teaching me through a little fun.  Just wish the first lesson of asking “how” had been engraved a little deeper in me.


So “how now brown cow”?  How does something get done the best way? Well I think maybe God is our “brown cow”.  Only he knows the solution.  I just wish, selfishly, that he would include me on the gameplay sooner than later.  But of course we are on his timeline, not our own.  I think our part is just to simply stop and ask how.

Daily Vitamin C:  Take the time to ask “how”.

Do Over

I want a do over!  I feel like a child that has just lost a board game and is throwing a tantrum.  I want a do over!


When I am so far behind on every project and everything that I touch, I want a do over.  I start walking around in a fog, time is passing by so quickly and I am missing every minute.  With my “nose to the grindstone”, I don’t see anything around me except the work in front of me.  And if I look up for just a second, all I see is the “stuff ” to be done and how far behind that I am.  It becomes a matter of “too much, too fast” for me.  Then I feel like the child who has just lost the game and has to be the one to clean up.


If only I could call a time out during the game, and see how far I have come.  What has been accomplished.  Or better yet, take some advice that our minister at church gives often.  Just analyze the next best choice.  Many people who suffer with addictions or barriers in their lives, have to concentrate on that.  What is my next best choice?  What do I do right here and right now?  It’s no use looking ahead, if you can’t make the first step.  Where does my foot need to land to go in the direction that I want?



This week has been very busy and stressful, in several aspects of my life.  I have not handled the situations in the best way, for I have just tried to “get through.”  But what if I had taken the time to analyze my next step, my next best decision? Would I have ended up where I am now, or at an even better spot in life? I call “Do-Over!”



Daily Vitamin C:  Take the time to call a “Do-Over” and just make the next best choice.