Month: April 2016

Spring Sunday

Spring is in the air!

While traveling to my parents this Easter Sunday, I thought I would celebrate the morning by taking pictures of churches along my way.  These churches I would consider “rural” in small Kentucky communities, full of rich history.  The buildings have aged and weathered, but oh if they could talk!  I believe they would tell us of who has worshipped there and what miracles have been witnessed.  Enjoy these pictures of my religious journey…….



This Millersburg church was off the beaten path....I loved the symbol of the cross in the shadow of the tree
     This Millersburg church was off the beaten path….I love the cross symbol in the shadow of the tree


     The Main Street church that I’ve passed by hundreds of times, but today seems even more beautiful.


            Another off the main path church, probably retired from use but full of historical charm..


                                                                                                       A testament to worship…..
                The church and the American Flag……beautiful patriotic church in Blue Licks…


                      These doors mean so much to me…the doors I walked through to find God as a child….
                                                                                          A piece of May’s Lick that has weathered the storm….




                 A little church on the way home… its small way helping others seeking God….


Daily Vitamin C:  Enjoy the pictures of my journey on this religious day in Kentucky…..