Month: February 2016

Obstacles – We Are All In This Race Together

Why is it that many of us are so innately stubborn that we refuse to ask for help? I know that I am the guiltiest of the guilty in this area, but I saw an example of it firsthand this morning. I stepped out to go to work this morning, and my neighbor was shoveling a path for her husband to be bussed to dialysis. Now I know that she is capable of doing this, but with her lack of strength, the amount of snow, and how slick the driveway was, it was not the saf537b3c3b1648f_thumbest of conditions. I immediately rushed over to help shovel, because I am capable and that’s what neighbors do. I told her she should have come over and I would have easily and willingly cleared the driveway for her, but she insisted that I didn’t have to help. Of course I did (because as I said, that is what neighbors do). However, at the same time I was looking at a reflection of my own stubbornness.

Probably what God wants us to do on a daily basis is ask for help. Then allow Him to provide the solution through others. (Others to do His work). He wants us to love Him and love others. He will give us opportunities to help others.  Why not allow Him to provide us the help that we need?

While helping my neighbor, I noticed a car as it was leaving the subdivision. It stopped and backed all the way up to the driveway where I was standing. It was a couple of men that asked if we needed them to remove the rest of the snow. Of course, being the simple minded person that I am, I immediately thought they were just looking for a job (some money). They immediately said they just wanted to help and would do it for free. The generosity of strangers (a gift from God).

This is what God has asked us to do. Help each other, encourage each other, and pray for each other. Helping others allows us to give our talents and abilities to them. Encouraging others helps to build them up to do more (and in turn help more people). Praying for others allows God to assist in the work and make it possible. Asking for help, starts this process.

Finish Line - Runner, Sprinter, Track and Field Race
Finish Line – Runner, Sprinter, Track and Field Race

This life is a race. We all want to finish winners. We only accomplish this win by helping each other. Sometimes that means supplying the help. Sometimes that means asking for help. Sometimes that means allowing God to help.

Daily Vitamin C: Let’s all ask for help and become winners in the game of life!

Obstacles – How Tammy Lives Life

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap);

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap);

If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it;

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap).



You can’t sing this song with smiling! (Dare you!)


I am starting to develop a new friendship with a lady who so reminds me of this song! I wish we could all get to know this person better – for I guarantee we wouldn’t be able to without smiling! She has such an inner happy spirit and strength that we would be overly blessed to possess. I want you to have the opportunity to meet my new friend Tammy:

IMG_8517What does happiness mean to Tammy:

Happiness is being able to recognize what you need and not what you want. Happiness comes from inside; in other words, to be content. Contentment and happiness go side by side, and this partnership lets you stay humble and thankful for what you have.

What makes Tammy truly happy, since she possesses this inner strength to stay happy?

When every one and anyone is happy around her. When people are smiling and laughing. And believe me, spend a few minutes alone with this lady, you will be in stitches, or begging for stitches because of overdoing the belly laughing. Tammy also is so insightful for she told me – don’t give people or children the world, but rather make them smile and happy. Happiness comes from within – not worldly things.

A very happy baby hanging out in his crib.
A very happy baby hanging out in his crib.

What makes Tammy unique?

Her laugh. Her laugh is very contagious. I think she could be used as prescriptive medicine for those who need laughter and happiness in their lives.

Tammy also says she has the unique trait of being a genuine cameleon. She’s able to adapt, yet not fake it. Tammy is able to relate to anyone and talk to everyone. And she is able to find happiness in anything!



Her daughter, Julia, says one of her mom’s strongest traits is being “one tough cookie.” Tammy lives with daily chronic pain. She has had multiple surgeries and lives with the constant pain that creates a daily obstacle for happy living. But Tammy does live a happy life! She has the inner strength to fight passed the pain to create a happy environment for her family. She has learned a priceless secret. She has learned to live with true inner happiness!

What one lesson would Tammy teach us?

Well I personally have to say I would buy any book that she would write on happiness and parenting. The books would be hilarious and would cause anyone to laugh and smile. But Tammy has something that she has always taught her girls:

Good days make you smile,

Bad days build your character,

Appreciate the bad days,

Because it will make the smiles bigger on the good days!

Tammy would teach us that humor is everything! Just riding in the car or shopping with Tammy is a comedy tour, well worth the money.

And watch out, when you least expect it, Tammy will scream with excitement: “Stop, close your eyes and enjoy this moment!” and then go one like nothing happened. Tammy understands the importance of making moments happen – in the happiest way possible. She is one powerful shot of Daily Vitamin C. And I am honored that I receive a dose once in a while.

Daily Vitamin C:  Learn to create happy moments on a daily basis – no matter the obstacles!



Obstacles – Daily Life for Me

Do you ever have days where you know that you want to do something, have to do something, or just need to get motivated – and just can’t? (Or is that just something that I struggle with)?

As I’ve talked about before, if I don’t have a plan I’m pretty well useless. But even some days I struggle with mental obstacles that prevent me from moving or accomplishing anything.

I call it Chiara’s Sloth Syndrome. (This should be, but is not a medical term at all).


Other people may call it “making a mountain out of a molehill.” It’s not being able to see the outcome (solution) due to the magnitude of what we sense the problem to be. Instead of thinking “I need to clean this corner of the room”, I instead say to myself, “it will take forever to clean this house.” Or instead of saying “I need to pay this one bill”, I say “I will not have any money if I pay all these bills.” Or my favorite, “I will not be able to invite friends over,” because “I just don’t have any time.”


Again, is it just me that struggles with this?

How does the brain work this way? Instead of seeing the little steps necessary, we try to see and problem solve the big picture – and therefore, get overwhelmed!

Why do we rely on our own emotions rather than relying on God to walk us one step at a time?



It’s time for me to realize that I walk with God on this journey. He is holding the flashlight and will point out what I need to see each step of the way.



I’m sure if I held the flashlight, I would be distracted shining the light on all the unnecessary parts of the path or even the potentially scary ones. I would get nowhere fast, and would probably just continue going around in circles. It is time for me to rely on God to be my navigator, my itinerary planner, and my light shining my path through life.

Daily Vitamin C:  Allow God to shine His light through the obstacles of life.

Spark – The Energy



According to Wikipedia (the knowledge of all), a spark plug is “a device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber.”


Can I become a device that delivers electric current (or energy, excitement, or current) from one source to another?  Can I become the link between people and their dreams?  Can I become the method of excitement or energy between a person and the right opportunity?

As I continue to say over and over, I love seeing people succeed and be happy.  I get a personal high from people I know helping other people I know, or people getting a spark of hope or happiness from something that I have been involved with.  Can I help do this even more?  Can I be the connection needed?


My son, his girlfriend, and I were talking about the work “spark” this evening.  One word that she mentioned that reminded her of the word spark (which she thought was silly), was the word sparkler.  But I think that is exactly what I was thinking of, when we talk about the word spark.


I used to love sparklers as a kid because they were small, didn’t making a big booming sound, but were fast, with lots of energy and with sparks flying everywhere, and made everyone smile.  That is exactly what I want to be!  I want the one in some small way is the energy and excitement for others and makes them smile!   Whether it is through taking care of myself by example, giving others opportunities, encouraging others, helping others, or just a smile, I want to be the sparkler or the spark plug for others.

Daily Vitamin C:  Become a spark plug by connecting others to opportunities or their dreams!  Become the sparkler in their lives!