Month: January 2016

Spark – The Warmth

toonvectors-22673-140Well today I have to admit something that is quite embarrassing, but expresses how truly grateful I am.  My electric was shut off at my house today.  Now, this is truly my fault, for there was a payment error made (on my part) during the month. (I know, shocking, coming from an accountant).  But I must have paid the wrong vendor through on-line bill payment.  I did not get the shutoff notice, and will probably have some huge outstanding credit with a vendor during the month.  I just happen to notice (by chance during the day) that my electric was shut off.

Now this is so embarrassing, but at the same time it opened my eyes on how truly grateful and blessed that I am.  Now getting power re-established did take some time, some extra money, and some added and unwelcome stressed, but I realized that I was able to pay for this much wanted luxury.  I realized that on one of the coldest days this season, that I live in comfort, when so many people do not.  Heat in my house is amazing (for I hate cold weather), and I am so very grateful that I can afford it.  I am truly grateful for this blessing (that I daily take for granted).


This winter, let’s take the time to help “spark” some warmth in other people’s lives.  Let’s take the time to investigate how to help.  My electric company has something called KU Wintercare, which allows others to contribute to those who are struggling paying their electric bill during this time of year.  A church in my community is taking up donations for coats, gloves and socks for those without a home, who reside in the cold.  At least offer a hot cup of coffee to those who are working hard or being taxed by the winter months.  Take the time to warm others physically and “spark” some warmth in their hearts.

Please share your ideas and stories in helping others during these cold months.  Together we can help each other stay warm! And be grateful for our own luxuries!

Daily Vitamin C:  Take time to “spark” warmth in others!

Spark – The Ideas

happy-new-year-new-year-resolutionsI often get in the daily routine (or rut) and concentrate on just getting through the day, rather than stopping and analyzing the big picture.  With the new year gives the opportunity to start again, but also the chance review the past.  Even though I do not make New Year’s resolutions per say, I did take the time this week to actually write down two lists.

The first list was a review of 2015.  When in the rut, I actually don’t realize that I have accomplished anything or changed in any way.  Just getting clothes washed, making it to work with shoes on, and getting the bills paid seem like “accomplishments.” But this year I accomplished much more.  (And didn’t even realize it).


Examples on the list:

  • Trip to Utah (by myself) for self-improvement
  • Gorgo Camp to get stronger mentally and physically
  • Healed from a terrible illness that plagued me for several weeks
  • Started a blog

After reviewing the list of accomplishments, it now gave me a sense that I can succeed.  I can change.  I can do things I desire to do.  So my second list became a little easier to put together. This list contains the goals for 2016 (in the area of Health, Money, Friends, Family, Faith, Purpose, Fun and Community).  (Of course there a multitude of areas or categories that can be used, but these are the ones I chose).



Examples on the list:

  • Accomplish beautiful pushups from my toes
  • Daily prayers and meditation
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Develop a passive stream of income


Even though these are thoughts and dreams for 2016 and are ever changing, I have actually taken the time to dream.  I have started the “spark” within me for this year.

Daily Vitamin C:  Take the opportunity to light a spark in your life!


Spark – Need Some

One of my favorite things to do, as I have said before, is to learn.  (Especially when it comes to taking care of myself.)  Now, I am not always good at following through, but I love the learning aspect.  I love learning how to eat better, how to take better care of my body, and how to help myself spiritually and mentally grow.  I am drawn to those around me who are doing the same thing…..searching to be the better “you.”

I also enjoy learning how to help others.  When I am a better person, it in turn allows me to help others even more.  (If that is possible). My personal “high” comes when those around me are happy and growing! This comes in the form of promoting someone’s business or talents, or encouraging someone to meet their goals, or giving something that helps bring them happiness, improved health, or just a smile.

my favorite drink!
many choices!









One of the things that brings me happiness and health, (and according to its popularity many others), is Advocate Spark!  Perfect name to go along with my goals for 2016.  It gives me the spark of energy I need and at the same time provides many nutrients that my body welcomes.  It is something that I love to share with others, for its a great choice to enjoy in comparison to many soft drinks or sports drinks out there.

Most importantly, Spark reminds me that I need to be a “spark” in this world. I need the live life to the fullest in order that I can help others do the same!

Daily Vitamin C:  Be the “spark” in your life and in the lives of others!



Spark – She Lights Up The Room

Spark – She Lights Up The Room

I have a friend who is a light in any room that she walks into. Her energy sparks the room. You can’t help but smile when you see her. The love of God permeates her being and you start the see the world as a happier place (even just for a moment).

Her name is Angie.IMG_3262

Angie’s actual name should be Angel.   She has been that for me.   We have spent some of the best times together (decorating cakes, sharing stories, sipping wine) and one of the toughest times I have had in my life (moving out of a house). Even on that rough day, no matter what, I had to laugh and smile around Angie. Life is just fun, exciting and interesting around her.




What does the word happiness mean to Angie? She immediately says “God in my life.” She doesn’t have to say it. You know it. Happiness also means family, marriage, and kids. She is an incredible mom. (One you want to grow up to be like).


What makes her happy? Making sure her family is taken care of. Being fulfilled spiritually. Taking care of herself she says is last, but as I tell her, she looks younger and more amazing with time. I don’t know how, nor has she disclosed her secret!


What makes Angie unique? She says her outlook on life. That she is a Christian. That she always sees the glass half full. Angie counts her blessings every day, and she is very cognizant that each can be taken away at any moment. She says she was actually born with this outlook. It is in her DNA. (Her mother, she says, is this way too). If only she could bottle this and sell it – for as I say, she is simply amazing (and she makes the environment that way). I would buy it by the truckloads.

What one lesson would Angie teach? Even when life gets tough and bad, you will get through it. Know that God is always with you, even in the worst moments. You are never alone. God knows the direction of your life, even when we don’t.

Tiny grip
Tiny grip

Even though it’s hard to believe her, she says she is impatient and wants the answers right now. (This would actually be more like someone else I know – me). She wants the answer. She wants the direction. God has taught her to just be still, for God knows. He will not leave her. He will be there for her always. He will fill her with the “Angie energy” she needs, to the point where it is overflowing for those around her. God shares Himself through her. And I don’t think He could have picked a better person.

Daily Vitamin C: Be a light to the world and let that light spark from within.

Spark – Light Up the World With Happiness

Candle1This little light of mine, I’m goin’ let it shine.

This little light of mine, I’m goin’ let it shine.

This little light of mine, I’m goin’ let it shine.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Hide it under a bushel no, I’m goin’ let it shine.

Hide it under a bushel no, I’m goin’ let it shine.

Hide it under a bushel no, I’m goin’ let it shine.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

4d8ce9df8280d6a5d6591af62d585f97(Just a couple of verses from a Bible school song we use to sing when I was a child.)

I remember the fun we used to have making the motions to the song, and singing it as loud as we could. And you couldn’t sing and make the motions without having some fun and smiling. Just not possible!!!


If only I had carried this idea over to adulthood. If only I had truly absorbed in what the words were saying. If only the smiles and fun had continued.

Each one of us has a light inside. A spark of light to be shared with the world. A light that should not be hidden, but shared as a present to others. So often I think that I have nothing to share and nothing to give. People don’t want to see me or hear from me, and that I should hide away and not get in anyone’s way.  But that’s not why God has me here (I’m pretty sure).

I think we are supposed to open up and let Him spark through us. To allow him to reflect those things within us that are uniquely us and are priceless to Him. Those things that help others, inspire others, or just make others smile.

Deck Mounted Mirror_1.1372089441If you open up to this idea, God will shine through you to reflect the good in others. He uses your light to reflect light on others.   And when this happens, you just have to have some fun and smile!

Daily Vitamin C: Have fun lighting the world with just one spark!



Source: “This Little Light of Mine” – lyrics by Avis Burgeson Christiansen and a tune written by Harry Dixon Loes

To Listen to “This Little Light of Mine,” just click below….

“This Little Light of Mine” by Joss Stone