Month: December 2015

Thankful – For Even the Little Ideas

I guess my childhood was a little different that other people’s.  I was taught growing up to use what we have or to “MacGyver” something (based on the popular television show in the late eighties).  MacGyver, the main character, could make anything out of anything (to get what he needed or get out of a dangerous situation).  My creative parents would try to make anything with what they had (around the house or on the farm).  If a science project was needed, the items needed would surely be around the house.  If a new art project was desired, the materials would be at our disposal.  Even nature could provide the components needed.


This year for Christmas, my Christmas tree has faded from a bright white tree, to more of a “peanut butter” color, according to my son.  So instead of fretting and not being thankful for having a tree, I made burlap ornaments to adorn it.  I even stopped along the road to cut thistles, reeds, weeds, etc, as filler for the tree.  (See nature does provide).

One other thing that we did this year, was fill the tree with sticks stating what we are thankful for.  This is one of my favorite trees, just for that part alone.  I am truly thankful for what God has provided this year, and for the faded “peanut butter” tree.


Daily Vitamin C:  Be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for the free gifts provided from above.

Thankful – Even in Stressful Situations

It is so hard to remember anything when stressed.  To remember how thankful I am for my life and for my basic needs seems nearly impossible.  But maybe that is exactly when I should be thankful.  I have been given another minute in life (even if it is stressed), and that is enough reason to be thankful.

Stress-month-photoMost of the times when I am stressed, it is due to some situation that I have actually placed myself in. Procrastination, worry about something (that influences the situation), laziness, or fear are usually the reasons I get stressed.  These are self-induced. Sometimes it’s due to work, relationships, or commitments (things that I “signed up for” or decided to commit to on my own).  I was not forced into these,  and for the most part I could walk away from (but I simply don’t want to).  So to complain about my own decision would serve no purpose.  I need to realize the possible blessings from the situation and learn ways to manage the stress to my benefit.

phd-admission-deadlinesStress over deadlines is one of the hardest things for me to manage.  In the heat of the moment, I’m watching the clock, stressing over what could happen, and worrying over whether the “plan” will work.  Instead of realizing that the deadline is getting me to my goal (on a timeline), I see it only as a hinderance.  When I know good and well I would probably take my sweet time getting to the goal or even talk myself out of doing what I could do today, (in order, of course, to do it tomorrow.)

It is always an eye opener when I am in my “own world” of stress, then something happens to bring me back to reality.  I hear about someone having a life change (a death in the family, being fired from a job, or having an accident), and suddenly my stressful situation seem like a luxury.  It seems like I drew the lucky straw, and got to spend my time managing a situation and learning from it, rather than having to pick up the pieces and start from scratch.

Thank you God, for these stressful times.   Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live these moments (to learn from them and manage them to the best of my abilities).



Daily Vitamin C:  Be thankful for the stressful moments!  They are learning moments for this life. They are not to be viewed as struggles, but rather springboards.