Month: November 2015

Thankful – That I Am Able to Move

We often take our basic abilities for granted.  (Even the ability to move).  I took this for granted until during my 30’s I developed an arthritic-like condition that started to take away my ability to walk and the use my hands.  Now I have inherited arthritis….a family gift.  However, this condition in my 30’s was sudden and started making me feel and act like I was in my 80’s, rather than much younger.  After a change in diet and supplements, I am now able to walk, use my hands, and even work out.  I am so thankful for God re-gifting these gifts back to me.  Even though I still have pain, and may continue to develop the long term results from arthritis, today I am so thankful that I can put up a good fight!

kettlebell-arrayGod has prepared good works for us to do.  I don’t know how working out in my 40’s comes into the game plan, but I’m sure there is a reason.  I am blessed that I even can even attempt it.  Now I am not going to compete anytime soon, but to say that I am stronger in my 40’s than my 30’s is something that I can say with thankful pride.  In my mind I often say that “I am too old,” but I am out to disprove this false statement.  I am out to do what what God has prepared for me to do.

(Now I am not one to show off my own picture, but I had this picture taken at the gym….and wanted to share…..)


Today I am so thankful for my trainer and friend, Amy.  She is the one that feeds my inner small voice that says that “I can!”  That “I can” continue to move.  She is a gift from God.

I would encourage anyone who is doubting themselves or feels up against a “mountain in the mind,” to find a trainer and the so needed voice of encouragement.  If you are looking for a trainer (and don’t have one around, or within reach), I would strongly suggest checking out Amy’s website ……  She is able to help people online and can become that small voice that you need.  Tell her Daily Vitamin C sent you!  I love her for all the “good works” she has done in my life!

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10.

Daily Vitamin C:  Be thankful for the works God has prepared in advance for us to do, even though we may not know what they are!

Thankful – For the Simple Observations

Today, I am thankful for the my walk into work.  Even though it seems like quite a jaunt, it really gave me an opportunity to truly observe the blessings God has given me.  He has given me the crisp fall air and the birds singing His praises.  I also have a warm spiced drink and coat to comfort me.  And to know that I will eat a gingerbread bar when I get inside – oh my heart is a beatin’.  I know that it is not the breakfast of champions, but what a nod to the holidays.  A blessed morning with my God.


In my daily Bible reading, (so appropriately today), Zacchaeus, the tax collector, is the main Biblical character. He is a short but wealthy man, and so intrigued to see this teacher called Jesus. He climbs up in a tree, in order to see this traveling professor.

zacchaeusI so remember this story from my childhood days at church. I loved singing the song (that only gave part of the story), but was always fun to act like we were scaling a tree, in order to see. Today, after focusing on simple observations, I notice that Jesus is the one noticing the simple things. He notices a short man taking the effort to climb a tree to see him. This was a weathy man who could have probably paid people to hold him up, or force his way to the front of the crowd. Instead he climbed a tree to see him. And Jesus took the time to notice.

Zaccheeus changed his ways due to the fact that he met the savior. And maybe because he was noticed.

Daily Vitamin C:  Take time to make simple observations.

Conservative – Creating Memories


This box of precious jewels was created by my grandmother.  They are actually handcrafted “bread flowers” made many years ago, but to me they are jewels.  My grandmother, and the other ladies in my family were always making crafty items to give away, sell, keep for themselves or just see if they could even make it.  She encouraged creativity and taking a chance.  She displayed these flowers proudly in her living room, so to me they were like precious jewels displayed like royalty.

Seeing the beauty in things and creating a prettier place, is what I think my grandmother did so well.  She was not “fancy” or proud, but rather rich in making the world colorful and more beautiful.  I treasure her for that.

I made the following paper mache flowers for my parents (to see if I could).  They are not a pretty as the precious jewels, but they allowed me to spend some time with my grandmother in my mind (creating a prettier world).

Daily Vitamin C:  Create a prettier world.