Month: October 2015

Conservative – Remember When

How often do we just sit and reminisce about the past? But more importantly how often do we think about the happy times of the past? Most often, I think only about the bad times. When something went wrong or I made a mistake. Do you?


Why not take a minute to relive and reminisce about the good memories. Like a special time you may have spent with a family member or a friend, or even a quiet time with yourself. Sometimes I will find an object in my house that reminds me of someone of the past. I think about the happy time with that person. I try to recount the time in great detail and use all of my senses to make it real in my mind. What did the room look like? What was the smell in the room? Was it light or dark? What were the colors? What do I hear? Can I touch or feel anything?


Try to make the memory real again. Then let the good happy feelings flood your mind. What does this happy memory tell you? Can it be recreated today? Is there a lesson to be learned?

Take time to enjoy the past. (Make sure it is with only the happy thoughts though.) If the visualization starts to not be happy, stop and start again later. No need to dwell on the negative. I think that we can learn from our past – only in different way – by learning from the good times and not the bad.

Daily Vitamin C: Permission to reminisce.

Conservative – Budgeting Life

I know with the power of the mind, and God’s direction, anything is possible. However, I often treat life like playing the lottery – only I don’t buy a ticket. I wake up and expect everything will be great and already planned with what’s supposed to happen. But what if I should be the orchestrator of the day? What if I start the plan, and step toward what I desire? Does it open up even more opportunities? Does it increase my lotto chance of having the day I want?

I find that if I plan and visualize my day of upfront, even if doesn’t turn out exactly the way I want, it’s turns out much better than if I hadn’t planned at all. Even my eating is better when I have a plan. Without such a plan, I will just eat whatever is convenient or catches my eye.

A plan helps me focus on what is important, rather than just how I feel or sense the day. It budgets my time, my desires, and my focus. It gives me a mission. A purpose for the day, which will lead to my mission in life.


On the days I don’t plan, I feel lost. Tossed by the wind, with no direction, no purpose, and then no hope. I think that often this gives my mind the license to overreact or get overwhelmed.  It keeps me from being my best. It even hurts my self-esteem, for I haven’t even worked toward a goal (a focus for the day). Whether the goal is made or not – at least it’s a start, a step and a forward motion.

Daily Vitamin C: Start the day with a plan.

Conservatism – Meet Tradition

I am so excited and honored for I get to introduce you to a couple of people I have known for a long time. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer. Both are talented in their own respects and are two of the smartest and most creative people that I know. They are my parents.


Now I knew this interview would be interesting, for we see the world differently, (as most parents and children do). But I also knew they have so much to give and such insight. I knew we could step outside our comfort zones and talk about each other perspectives (no matter how different), and maybe if nothing else, have a good laugh. I interviewed both of them at the same time for they are such different people, but have molded together so beautifully over time.


So what does the word happiness mean? My dad (Scotty) immediately said feeling good (health wise). It’s amazing with age, how feeling good becomes the number one concern and determination of happiness. He also said having comfortable surroundings, no financial worries, and self-confidence is part of happiness.

According to my mom (Karen), happiness means being creative. But more importantly, happiness is achieved when her husband feels good.

hammerWhat makes my dad happy? My mom immediately answered for him, and said “finding a hammer for a cheap price.” My dad (and mom) has a little addiction, or maybe what you call, a big passion. He collects hammers. (Yes, I said hammers). His museum-like collection is one to behold, and is his true enjoyment. But, according to him, what really makes him happy is having his wife healthy. I guess that’s what happens when you are married 50 years. (You want your spouse to be happy and healthy over your own wants.) My dad also added in that when his girls and grandsons are doing well, it makes him happy. (Maybe he added that caveat to make sure that the interview continued.)

IMG_2720My mom, again, reiterated that she is happy when her husband is happy and well. She also is happy when she is spending time with friends and church members. She loves making things with friends. Being creative.

What is unique about my dad? (Oh how I could count the ways! But that would be another novel). He, (unexpectedly) answered this question with his “ancestry.” He said your genes make you unique. Of course he went on to mention inherited health problems and leg pains, but I think he might have forgotten some great inherited qualities… being tall and having the ability to play basketball when younger…or being able to tend farm and grow anything possible…..or loving family and being dedicated to the ones you love. Now believe it or not, my dad doesn’t think his hammer collecting is unique (for he knows several tool collectors). But I, personally, do not know too many people who have such a collection or passion. The amazing flower gardens that he tends to on their farm (and along side the road) are not seen every day either.

My mom’s uniqueness is actually invisible to her. She does not realize how amazing she is. She says she’s unique for she is gullible to do the jobs that no one else wants. However, I disagree. She is good at so many things, and that’s why people ask her to do the jobs. (Others believe things come easily for her because she’s so good at anything that she does….from publicity to creativity). My mom is also an amazing artist, basket maker, pianist and organist. (So many diverse talents.) But the best comment about my mom’s uniqueness actually came from my dad. He said that she is easy going and doesn’t get upset. (Maybe that’s because she puts up with him). But he also complimented her on her amazing ingenuity and creativity.

Both of my parents are retired teachers. So I knew the next question could be opening up a can of worms….what one lesson would you teach me or someone else? (Thank goodness it didn’t involve some algebraic equation (from the math teacher) or scale progression (from the music teacher).

6963679-crossWhat lesson would my dad teach? He said, without hesitation, about the love of Jesus Christ. That He is our Lord and Savior. My dad shares this lesson with others through prayer for he believes in the power of it. I don’t remember having a meal with my father, without a prayer being said giving thanks. He always says the most amazing prayers in public. My dad also hopes that he demonstrates the love of Jesus by helping his friends smile and laugh.

My mom added the comment that my dad is also conservative. (Not in political terms, but in the fact that he is frugal and believes in traditional principles). Even though it may not be demonstrated in the amount that he will pay for the right unique hammer, he has always lived a frugal life which now allows him to spend what he wants. He does not believe in borrowing money. He believes in living within his means. He has always looked at the big picture, for the total amount, and not just the payments or the short-term effects.

3755.brushsizesMy mom’s lesson to teach others would be for people to try more things. Be more creative and don’t worry about the outcome, or what happens to the creation. (My mom has always taught this. I remember how my sister and I would be encouraged to create and try things. Even when it could potentially make a mess or we might fail). What an amazing lesson! She said that the joy is in making it. The fun is doing it, performing it, or editing it. Enjoy creating!

My two unique parents make an interesting and amazing pair. They have made this world a better place through their faith, their dedication, their unique traits, their conservatism, and rare insights. I just wish they knew the power that they possess to teach the world so much more. And I wish the world could find the opportunity and means to learn from them.

Daily Vitamin C: Learn lessons from your parents. Seek out their wisdom….and if not possible, take time to learn from mine.