Month: July 2015

Laughter – With My Friend

in_the_rain_by_leonardoviotti-d3bjmn8Laughter – With My Friend

I think one of my favorite things that I love about my best friend, is that she loves to laugh. Even though when we talk, we are not always doubled over from laughter, each moment is funny and full of giggles! She understands how important laughter is for me and for our friendship! And for life!

Now don’t get me wrong. We both experience real life.   We have cried together, we have passionately prayed for each other, we have lost and hurt and experienced all aspects of life. However, we both know how to lift each others spirits! (By laughing!)

She is truly a gift in my life! And our laughter is just the icing on top – the best part! Like luscious butter cream icing, white and fluffy and creamy, that I crave!  Are you drooling yet?

Daily Vitamin C:  Laughing is the icing on top!  Enjoy the sweetness!

Laughter – The Real Facts

204702745532398984_ckoo4d1x_fLaughter – the Real Facts

Laughter is a true gift from above.  Just think about how you feel when you laugh – your facial expression, your breathing pattern, your stomach muscles, and the lightness of the air around you!  Magical, isn’t it?  I think laughter could cure the world!

There are some facts about laughter that you may or may not know:

  • Laughter is contagious.  Just try it!  Start laughing in the room and see if anyone will join.  (It’s like hiccups!)  You’ve heard “laugh and the whole world laughs with you!”
  • Laughter is exercise.  When laughing, your energy consumption and heart rate can increase by 10 to 20 percent.  It’s like exercising for free!  I so love to laugh  while working out.  I feel like it is a win-win situation!  (Especially, since it’s so easy to laugh at myself when I’m working out!)
  • Laughter improves memory!  Now that I think about this fact, maybe I should start that 24 hour laughing marathon right now.  Before I forget!
  • Laughter improves immunity from illness.  Think about it – the healthiest people in your life – do they laugh daily or complain about their life and aches and pains?  I think there is a pattern to investigate.
  • Laughter improves sleep.  Sleep helps all the body. I wonder if laughter during the day, can make the dreaming at night, so much sweeter?  I absolutely love seeing a baby or puppy laugh during their sleep!  To me, it seems like they do not have care in the world!  That’s the way we all should sleep.

So take these facts into account. Learn to work a little laughter into your life every day!  Accept the gift and use it!  It’s there to help you while sharing with others!

Daily Vitamin C – Laughter is more powerful than we may think.  Try to use it up!

Laughter – The Best Vitamin C



Laughter is the best medicine and exercise in the world! And it is free and available at any time! It changes our mood and our body, as well as our environment! It is an act of kindness, an act of service, and an act of love – all rolled up in one!

As I have stated before, laughing is one of my favorite things to do! I love great jokes. I love funny stories. My favorite movies are the ones that make me laugh! I absolutely love spending time with someone I care about and laughing to the point of practically peeing my pants!

Growing up, I can still vividly remember laughing with my sister until the point we were crying! (And most of the time the subject causing this craziness was the simplest of things or nothing at all!) Life is best when there is laughter in the air!

Laughter is such a sweet gift.  Ever thought why God would give us this ability?  Why would this act, (not like talking, or coughing, or yelling), give us such joy?  A single laugh can change our whole day immediately!  It can stop our crying in an instant.  It’s such a powerful vitamin!

Daily Vitamin C: Enjoy some free medicine!  Laugh!

Laughter for Daily Vitamin C – Meet Ann

IMG_2368As I have said before, I love learning and especially from those around me. I think people are put on our paths to help us learn the lessons of life. Each and every person has a story (a gift to share.)

I have truly been blessed by my friend Ann. She has not only crossed my path, but has walked with me for about 15 years. I love her and I know anyone is blessed by just meeting her.


Lessons from Ann….

What is unique about Ann is everything (as far as I am concerned!) She is a beautiful soul and a truly amazing woman. But something specific about Ann’s uniqueness that she would like to share is….

First, let me inform you that Ann is a hairstylist by trade.  She has been doing my hair (therapy) for many years and she is one of those stylists who you can trust to do an amazing job each and every time. (I totally recommend her if you live in the Lexington, KY area – but I digress.)

Salon Bleusalon bleu face

What is unique about Ann as of late is that she competes in archery tournaments on the weekends! I know! Something that you would not expect a city-girl hairstylist to do – at least I wouldn’t! It’s just amazing to me that she would challenge herself to take up a new unfamiliar sport. This sport allows her to spend quality time with her son and husband.

Family is so important to Ann, and to see her pursue something that makes the family bond even stronger is so admirable! Just think if we all did just one thing like this (something with our love ones), what would families look like then?

A couple of the things that Ann loves about the sport itself is meeting new people and learning to focus! Now Ann never meets a stranger, so I am sure she is making more lifetime friends through this new adventure! (You would want to be her friend too!) And “focus” is one of the things that I personally love learning about. To control the mind and quiet the stress of the world around, is a priceless skill set for anyone to learn!

Ann describes happiness as being calm and centered. Wow, so insightful! When the calmness can be felt and realized, you are truly receiving the blessings from God. Ann loves being centered with God, in order to see His little gifts on a daily basis. She truly has on “God goggles”, to see the clouds shaped like a cross, the beautiful deer out her window, the bird on her deck, or the amazing sunset. She understands how important these small gifts are in our lives. I wish she would let me wear her “goggles” sometime, for you can see how these gifts warm her heart.

What makes Ann happy is being in a state of calm, and having a household is a state of calm. I told you, she is an amazing lady! She understands the importance of calmness (not only as a want, but a need). This state allows her and her family “to recharge the batteries” to tackle another day!

The one lesson that Ann wants to teach you and me, is learn from someone older than you. Find an older (even elderly) person to study. Respect them and the lives that they have lived and endured. Realize how much they have to offer and can teach us about life!


Oh how this touches a cord in me! I didn’t truly learn this until my Grandmother became an elderly person in a nursing home. She became sweeter and more of a teacher by the year. She taught me how each person in your life helps in some way. My grandmother kept a diary and later in life she wrote down every time someone visited her, talked to her, or helped her. From giving her a cup of coffee, to making her bed, to styling her hair – she wrote down all of these acts of kindness. She definitely owned a pair of “God goggles.” And she would have loved my friend Ann, who has a pair too!

Daily Vitamin C – Please learn to watch for the gifts of life! My gift of Ann is such an amazing gift from God. She reminds me that God is showering us with gifts each an every day! I love her and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about my friend Ann and her happiness lessons!


Creating Happiness – Be Creative

IMG_2904Being creative with my hands is something that I thoroughly enjoy.  (Now I know that may sounds odd and not relatable to some). I come by this honestly, for the women in my family are not known for being very good “sitters” without doing something with their hands, (usually involving crafts).  Knitting, painting, cross-stitching, sewing, quilling, crafting….all mandatory for the women of my family.

Now I do believe that we all possess a creative spirit.  And we are all given creative gifts to use.  Crafts may not be “your thing”, but being creative is whatever is “freeing to you” to express your individualism.  It may be gardening, mechanics, carpentry, speaking, cooking, etc.  Whatever your individual talent is, don’t hide it.  Let it shine in this world!

The ornament shown above I made to remind me of the subtle creative spirits that we all have.  If you take a real close look, you will see that it says “Happy”.  I want to remember each day to use my subtle talents, whatever they may be, to make this a Happy world

Daily Vitamin C:  Be creative!  Shine!

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