Month: June 2015

Creating Happiness!

Creating happiness if one of the hardest things for me to do. I’m sure many people may think that it is actually impossible to create your own happiness. Life is hard. We get abused by others. We are mistreated by our circumstances. But happiness is actually a CHOICE. That’s all it is…….but “that” is somehow a daunting task.

Playing the victim, as well as prosecutor (and executioner) is so easy and comfortable for me to do. I easily beat myself up, dwell in the sorrow, and somehow think that I deserved it or that it is even rightly justified. Now that’s some messed up thinkin’, but an embedded habit.

I hate disappointments. Most people do. We do everything in our power to avoid them. But somehow we all have them from time to time (or more often than we like). What if the “failure” was turned into a learning experience or even a reward?

I missed my flight this morning. This, of course, mostly due to my own account. I am known for being a little less than timely. (And I must add, that I have never missed a flight. My own “ignorance” was coming to light.) I wanted to beat myself up. How could I make this mistake? I wanted to lecture myself for hours, so I could learn from my mistake and feel the emotional pain that I thought was justified. Or was it? Is this even right to think this way? It’s what I’ve been doing all my life.

But how does this help me get to the destination? How does this get me on a flight any faster? The truth of the answer is, it doesn’t.

I choose to be happy!

This was an opportunity for a new adventure. I got the opportunity to learn the steps on getting on another flight. I got to bless others with smiles and small talk, as well as leave small monetary gifts (tips) for food purchased or services received. I got to wish people “a good day”. I got a chance to “choose” to be happy, when circumstances were not perfect. This may be a fluke…..

Daily Vitamin C: But just try it. Take a risk. Choose to be happy!